EO/IR Integration

Support for all industry-standard EO/IR systems.

  • Live Reverse Geocoding
  • Geopoint to any location of interest
  • Global elevation data gives perfect accuracy


missionMap can be installed on a rugged touchscreen tablet, for maximum portability and utility.


No need for a keyboard or mouse - every function is touch operated.

Custom Data

If you have a custom dataset - we can enable it.

  • POIs
  • Airspace
  • Radio Channels
  • Map vector data
  • ..whatever you need, we can integrate it into missionMap for your operational requirements


Using COTS hardware, and a small, nimble support team means we can get you running, and keep you in the air more efficiently than any competitor.

Up-to-date Map data

We provide constant vector data updates, and you can update satellite imagery whenever you like, for free. We can incorporate your custom data at any time.

Real support

When you have our system - you're not alone.
We are happy to help over email or a video call at any time. If we can't resolve your problem electronically - we jump in a plane and come to you.

missionMap Introduction Video

A general introduction to some of the capabilities of missionMap.
For any questions, please get in touch with Logimap (the creators of missionMap).

More Information

For any information about

  • capabilities
  • pricing
  • hardware
  • any general enquires to see if we can help you with a suitable solution
please have a look at the Logimap website, or ask any quesions on the contact page.